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We Moved!!

Kunuku Warahama 2013-2022 so we moved 1 jan 2023!

After 10 years having our facility at Kunuku Warahama it is time for our own place.

So at the end of 2022 we are planning to move the ranch and all animals to a new place of our own at kaminda New Amsterdam where we have 1,7 ha owned land!

Here we will extend our ranch facility, so we can offer you much more in the future like a nice playground a drink or a snack and even a place to sleep!

It all takes time and hard work, and we won’t be 100% ready when we move, so it all might be a bit under construction, our apologies about that.

But finally, when we are done, it will be a place you will never forget!

Hope to see you soon! 

Greetings Simone