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A spectacular trailride through the varying landscape of Bonaire´s countryside, Mangroves and an once in a lifetime experience, …swimming with horses in the turquoise caribbean sea. @Horse Ranch Bonaire, with the most happiest horses and friendliest tour-guides of the Island, they make this dream come true!
Ride your troubles away
We offer trail rides for everyone. If you are a first time rider no problem, we will show you the ropes.

Horse Ranch Bonaire offers a guided trail ride on our quiet, well-trained and dependable horses. You will be warmly welcomed to our farm by one of our guides who will match you with the perfect horse. Your ride will start off with a brief safety course and instruction before hitting the trails!

While on the trail you and your family may have the chance to see some of our local wildlife such as Donkeys, flamingos and various types of birds.

Just ride your self or with others. Groups are kept small up to 6 people so it is fun for all.

We offer trails rides that are private and public with your own guide. We want to personalize your horseback riding experience!

We have several different breeds of horses for you to ride but mostly Paso Fino Horses the gaited of the Paso Fino Horses are smooth and relaxed so you will enjoy it.

Trail rides are walk only. Any other gaits are up to the discretion of the guide according to the whole group’s riding abilities! Your safety is our priority!

Swim Instructions”

In fact, if you live near an ocean, lake, or pond, you might be tempted to try your own swimming program.

Swim parallel to the shore just beyond the point where your horse can touch the bottom. This allows the animal to quickly reach ground should it become tired. When crossing bodies of water that require swimming, look for a solid, non-slippery area to enter and exit the water. Keep in the center of balance on the horse–if you slip backwards, you could hamper the hindquarter thrust of the swimming motion. The horse’s head should always be free to allow for proper breathing and balance in the water.

Swim with your horse to cool down after the ride. Even the horses like to relax! The waters of Lac Bay are calm and shallow.

Finally, remember to keep swimming sessions short to prevent exhaustion. This should be a positive experience for both you and your horse–not an exhausting ordeal. Horses are natural swimmers, although they can become more confident in their abilities if they are gradually acclimated to the water.

We offer:

  • Ride & Swim,  duration 3,5 hour, price $ 125,-
  • Ride & Swim, cruise ship tourists, incl pick up,  duration 3,5 hour, price $ 135,-


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Contact info
kaminda warahama 40 tera cora bonaire
00599 786 2094 / 770 2094