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Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Our Petting Zoo Tour is great for small parties and those who enjoy making new friends and don’t mind sharing the fun.

Tours are by reservation only. No drop ins please.

On our ranch we have a lot of rescued animal’s, like goats, sheep’s, donkeys and even some horses. We give them a second live. 

Petting Zoo Tour Itinerary

Miniature Horse & Donkey, Sheep and Goats meddow:

Learn the diffrence between our goats and sheep. Look at there eyes! Look at there tails!! Pet, brush our mini horse.

Chicken, Rooster, Leguanas and Cats:

They walk lose on the yard. Cuddle with our cats. Meet & feed the chickens.

Piggy Cow and Horse meddow:

Meet our Potbelly Pigs, Cow Sandy and Horse and stallion Indy who is 30 years old!

Sometimes you can rub the tummy of the white pigs when they walk on the yard! We have one black Potbelly Pig whit 3 legs, here name is Shakira. Isn’t she adorable?!

Tortoise meddow:

Learn about our land tortoises. The biggest is arround 40 years old. You can feed the  tortoises. Can you count them?!

Rabbit house:

We got two rabbits, the rest of them escaped out of the tortoise stage. Cuddle with one of them rabbits.

Duck house:

Meet our Muskus duck’s, Donald, Katrien, Sien and Dagobert. Dogobert likesto be allone and plays in the drinking tub.

Horse and Donkey meddow:

Meet our Donkey’s and Horse’s. They have a bigg meddow to walk around and relex. You can pet and brush a horse. 

Additional: Pony Riding (10 min) for the little ones. 

Our Mission

  • Arrive as strangers, but leave as friends.
  • Make this morning one of your most memorable family events with photos you’ll cherish forever.
  • Our animals making you laugh, and their parents smile.

It is almost Holiday season!!

We do strongly encourage advance reservations in time to avoid disappointment at times when we are full. We only have 6 horses to ride!

You can make your reservations at our website:

When you choose your trail ride you also can see how many seats are remaining on a certain date.

So plan your trip now, so we can give you a ride you never will forget!

Ps. We are closed because of the fireworks from 31 Dec to 2 Jan!!