Saftey Keychain Black

This special safety keychain is a must have for every horse girl!

Safety Keychains are especially know from Tiktok !!

Available exclusively from Horse Ranch Bonaire, it is expertly created on soft yet durable fabric with nickel hardware.

This keychain has the following products:



Window breaker

Holder for Airpods/Lipstick or a hand sanitizer (free bottle from us included!)

Wristband with Horse Ranch Bonaire logo.

Personal Alarm with flash light.

You'll find this clever key holder amazingly convenient, so don't wait! 

Order your Saftey Keychain with your booking and recieve it 

This keychain is a combination of silver & gold. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD TO BUY THIS SET! ✨ By purchasing you agree to my terms and policies!