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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Lessons for Adults and Kids of all levels…

Learn to ride or sharpen your skills in a supportive and effective way. The lesson program is perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a trail ride from time to time; to a rider who is ready to compete in the show ring. Riders from age 6 can achieve their goals with the reassurance that they are being taught by knowledgeable, caring instructors and on the best school horses in the area. Horse Ranch Bonaire prides itself on the diversity, strength, and experience of our lesson program.

Ride your troubles away

Are you are a first time rider no problem, we will show you the ropes.

Whether you’re a brand new rider, an intermediate rider with some experience, or an expert rider continuing your education and expanding your skills, our training staff provides world-class horsemanship and riding education to students of all levels ages 6 and up.

Our lessons are given in our large outdoor ring. We offer English, Western, Jumping and Equitation lessons for kids 6 and up adults of all ages and skill-levels. All riders begin riding on the flat, and then may progress to jumping once fundamentals are in place and skills are solid. Your first lesson will be a 10 min introductory lesson at a discounted rate, so that we can evaluate your skill-level and place you with the most appropriate mount.

Communicate with your horse

You can start communicate with your horse by tacking him/here up yourself. It a good way to get to know each other. And a good start for the ride. You can just ride your self in the riding area or outside.

Share your experience

Share your experience with others

We aim to get all of our riders to join onto group lessons. This is an excellent way to share your experiences and spend time with others who are learning. You will find that just by being in the arena with other riders, you will pick up a lot by watching and listening.

And best of all for you it is cheaper than a private lesson, but better than that if you buy lessons in advance we offer a discount so ask the guys about it and see what you can save.

If you would prefer to have private lessons with us then we can cater for that. We often recommend that new riders have a few introductory lessons so that gives us a chance to work with you and get the basic principles in place so you can then join a beginners group lesson.

Alternatively, some riders simply prefer to ride alone during their lesson as this gives you the undivided attention of your instructor.


A Ride you never will forget!.

Price group lessons $ 15 per half hour/ $ 65 a month

These are local prices!!
For tourists we charge another fee, please contact us for the options to join a lesson.
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