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Horseback Riding Bonaire

Horse Ranch Bonaire is best known for its idyllic trail ride and swimming with the horses. One of the best ways to spend a half day on the back of a horse. It is one of the most enjoyable trail rides that you can participate in and requires little to no practice! Bonaire is known for its beautiful turquoise blue sea and mangroves.

Spend like a hour riding up to the beach, swimming and relaxing at the beach prox. a hour and riding back to the ranch for a hour.

Riding the trail along the Mangrove forest, the south part of the Island is having fun and enjoying the trail at your own relaxing pace.
The Swimming is done at Lac Cai, where you’ll get a stunning view of the colourful mangroves and the turquoise blue see with it white beach.
The trail ride spices up the day and relax in the knowledge that you are well looked after by the local guide who accompanies you on this tour. A snack and drink is included in this tour!

Duration:  3 Hours 30 Min


What makes this tour special
Learn to ride our horses first hand from you host
Spend o couple of hours on a back of a horse a great way to spend a day on Bonaire

  • Private English/Dutch speaking guide
  • Learn more about the nature and wildlife of Bonaire


  • We offer trail rides for everyone. If you are a first time rider no problem, we will show you the ropes.
  • Our ranch offers a guided trail ride on our quiet, well-trained and dependable horses.
  • We have several different breeds of horses for you to ride but mostly Paso Fino Horses the gaited of the Paso Fino Horses are smooth and relaxed so you will enjoy it.
  • You will be warmly welcomed to our farm by one of our guides who will match you with the perfect horse
  • While on the trail you and your family may have the chance to see some of our local wildlife such as Donkeys, flamingos and various types of birds, like the Yellow-shouldered Parrot and the Orange Troupial
  • Just ride your self or with others. Groups are kept small up to 6 people so it is fun for all.
    Trail rides are walk only. Any other gaits are up to the distinction of the guide according to the whole group’s riding abilities! Your safety is our priority!
  • Minimum age 10
  • Weight limit 200 lbs!/95 kg