“The unforgettable smile on the faces of the residents that’s why we do it”

The unconditional love of dogs, with their compassionate eyes and enthusiastically wagging tail, is a huge support for anyone who is struggling. A soft cat that is quietly purring on your lap brings peace and tranquility. No wonder these animals are often used as care animals in institutions, hospitals or in the home of persons in need of help.

These people must also be able to enjoy the friendship and the special power that pets have to offer them.

Responsible pet contact has a therapeutic effect:

It increases the quality of life of people with mental or physical illness or disability.

When vulnerable people receive attention and love from animals, they often make visible progress.
Contact with an animal gives the impetus to reconnect with other people.

In addition, an animal invites people to get moving.

Animal love is a proven therapy!

But did you know that horses can also have a huge beneficial effect on children and adults with a disability or mental disability?

The hormone oxytocin also plays a role. Oxytocin is an important hormone, it is also called the “hug hormone”. The high levels of oxytocin makes meses calmer and more social. The heart rate also drops and the values ​​of stress hormones, such as cortisol, fall. This makes people less distrustful and more reliable. The interaction between humans and animals also leads to an increase in oxytocin levels.

So that’s why we started Best Friends Bonaire

Our goal

The aim is to give as many people as possible in Bonaire (young and old) access to this precious form of attention in healthcare.

The purpose of the project of Best Friends Bonaire is to make residents, with or without care request, and persons/children with disabilities happy.

This can be done by visiting our ranch, joining our day care program or making visits in care centers or individual visits by vonunteers with animals.



Do you want to contribute to this goal?

Because costs have to be made to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we are completely dependent on gifts, dondations and sponsors.

Do you want more info what Best Friends Bonaire can do for you?!

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